Every detail of your business is important, and the right floor can make it stand out.

Epoxy resin is a highly versatile product which offers not only durable and hard wearing floor solutions but also a wide range of decorative finishes. If you want a showroom, hair dressing salon or a shop to stand out then custom made epoxy floor would be an excellent choice. With the variety of colours and patterns decorative epoxy systems can be tailored to compliment the rest of interior or simply stand out on its own.


Metallic flooring system offers unique colour patterns which makes each floor one of a kind. It's stunning look will make a memorable impact on your customers and will let your business stand out. 

Polished concrete is a trend setter when it comes a modern floor design. Being strong, durable and abrasive resistant, polished concrete floor is a versatile floor finish that looks natural and can be suited to any business needs and uses. Different level of gloss can be achieved as well as showing of aggregate. 


Flake Epoxy has a well balanced colour scheme that provides an elegant look.  It is ideal for office spaces and showrooms. Flake system is also compatible with a number of slip resistant additives, making it a great choice for outdoors.

Plain or one colour epoxy is our basic epoxy floor coating. However, with the wide choice of colours you can find the one that will suit you. Most importantly epoxy floor coating will provide a neat, easy to maintain floor that will last. 

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