Standard  Epoxy

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Epoxy resin is a high performance product that offers a great chemical resistance. It is capable of protecting a surface from a wide range of chemical spills. Its exceptional durability is ideal for heavy industrial usage and offers a long term flooring solution for your business operations.

Furthermore epoxy resin is a highly versatile product that can be tailored to all your wants and needs. The product can be applied as a smooth finish surface that offers an easy cleaning and maintenance solution. Slip resistant coating system is ideal for creating a safe working environment.  

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Polished Concrete


Polished concrete is a durable and long lasting floor finish achieved through several stages of polish to achieve the desirable gloss and level of showing aggregate. This floor finish is suitable for large warehouses because it as a neutral look and low maintenance, while providing a great wearing properties.

Floor Preparation - Concrete Grinding

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This service is ideal when you lease a warehouse which leaves option for tenant or when you are leaving the premises. This can also be an option for when you have a team that can install the coating or another floor system, but requires the concrete floor to be prepared first. 

Concrete grinding, also referred to as diamond grinding, is a method of floor preparation for a coating, such as epoxy, or vinyl, wooden floors or carpet. This includes removing glue, or other adhesives, and levelling the surface if required. 

High Pressure Cleaning and Maintenance

Not all surfaces require concrete grinding for floor preparation; for some high pressure cleaning will be sufficient. Further, high pressure cleaning can be used while leaving the premises or getting them ready for the next tenant. For some premises this would be a more economical and time efficient solution. 

This is also a maintenance service. We do high pressure cleaning for car parks, warehouses, workshops etc.