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Epoxy Coating - Plain, Full Flake, Marble, Metallic

Epoxy has different finishes. Even a change of colour can create a mood and set the atmosphere, and there is a vast choice of colours for epoxy. Full flake creates a stone like effect and is suitable for any room - be it garage or kitchen or toilet or living room. Mixing colours is great way to achieve a unique surface, as metallic tints have heavy particles that keep moving after application creating an unpredictable patterns. Epoxy with a marble effect an elevate any space to sophistication. 

Metallic Epoxy - Bronze and Copper.jpg
Marble Effect Epoxy.jpg
Epoxy Driveway.jpg
Polished Concrete - Industrial Look

The popularity of polished concrete floor is on the rise. There are many reasons for this. First, the beauty of the stones creates a sophisticated and natural look. The next reason is low maintenance required to look after the floor and it keeps looking good for years. 

Grind & Seal - polished concrete budget alternative

Grind and seal finish is achieved by grinding down the concrete to achieve the desired level of aggregate and then coated with a clear top coat. Unlike mechanically polished concrete, grind and seal system is less labour intensive and time consuming, making it a more cost-effective product.   

Glaze - Polish Concrete.JPG
Floor Preparation (DIY Option)

This service only includes floor preparation and suits those who like to get busy and have weekend projects. We make sure that the surface is professionally prepared for painting using grinding machines. It is important to remove existing coating, glue and any other material that is likely to peel or otherwise come off only to prevent your new coating from bonding with the surface and coming off as well. 

If there is no existing coating that needs to be removed, then high pressure cleaning is another method of surface preparation. 

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