Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a rather generic term for the floor finish. The polishing process includes several stages of polish from 250 grit to 600 grit. Mechanical polish includes several stages of grinding and goes up to 800 grit. However, a great polish finish can be achieved with less polishing and therefore be more affordable. For example, a less expensive alternative to polish floor is taking off less layers of concrete and applying a sealer. This is often referred to a grind and seal. 


Epoxy Finishes

Decorative floor finishes achieved with epoxy are very versatile. They can be done in one colour, as a marble imitation, metallic finish, or with flakes. Slip reducing additives are available to increase safety of the surface. Glitter can also be added to the mix to make your floor stand out.  We have worked with different techniques and can deliver an amazing epoxy floor for you. 

asurface repair11.jpg

Surface Preparation

No matter how amazing one can be at applying epoxy it will only be as good as the surface preparation behind it. We make sure that all steps are followed and the surface is ready for application. Grinding helps to remove any old coatings and loose particles. Grout may be required in many cases - especially for concrete polishing as well as for more porous concrete. 


Detailing: coving and joints sealing

Attention to detail is important in any business, and we understand it. Our additional services include epoxy coving which provides for a seamless finish and prevents dirt from accumulating in the corners. We can also seal joints to provide for a longer serving floor. 

Epoxy Driveway.jpg

Clean and Seal

Our most used service for outside is selaing driveways and patios. A tinted or a clear sealer can be used depending on the surface and desired outcome. Often a change in colour can lift up the whole appearance of your residence. We use high pressure cleaning equipment to make sure the surface is ready to be sealed.